Cinema 4D to UE4 FBX Scene Export

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If you export multi objects scene from Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine 4 by fbx, all objects are imported to content browser. You have to re-arrange all assets in UE4. This script can easily export your scene from Cinema 4D to UE4. Buy my  Python knowledge is very poor. There are many limitations and the code is strange. Anyway, it works on my test. You can try it.



Please download and unzip it. Run Cinema 4D and open edit manu / preference. Open preference folder. At the folder, open livrary / scripts folder and add “”. Then restart Cinema 4D.

How to use

  1. First, prepare importing multi objects as static mesh. Copy objects what you want to be added content browser of UE4. Make a new scene and paste objects.
  2. Reset all coordinates. Select all objects of PSR.
  3. Export objects by fbx. Saved name should be use same name of original scene. For example, your original scene is “UE_export.c4d”, fbx file name shoudl be “UE_export.fbx”.
  4. Import exported fbx on UE4. Combine Meshes setting at import options should be off.
  5. Open original scene on Cinema 4D. Select all objects what you want to import. If you use instance object, object name should be same as original object.
  6. Select script menu / console…. If there is any text, please clear console.
  7. Select script menu / user scripts / C4D2UE4.04, text is exported. Copy those text from context menu.
  8. Switch UE4, and use paste command. So your scene is past to UE4.


  • All objects are exported position by absolute position. Any object hierarchy is ignored.
  • Original C4D scene file name and exported fbx file name should be same.
  • Static meshes should be saved under /Game/Meshes/.

If you want to export just objects position with default cube mesh, use below script. You can replace referenced mesh in UE4.